New types of data, in particular digital data, is flooding the social sciences. At The Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Copenhagen, we wish to make new, digital forms of data – also called ‘big data’ – and the integration of such data with social scientific modes of enquiry a priority at the Faculty. We call this Social Data Science, and therefor, we have launched an inter-departement center with co-PIs from all five departments. I am member of the steering committee at The Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science, SODAS. 

SODAS serves as the basis for a dedicated interdisciplinary social scientific agenda in education and research. SODAS carries out interdisciplinary and disciplinary research involving social and/or digital data.

I direct the two projects, “DIPLOFACE” and “Digital disinformation“, at the center.

My social data science skills and interest areas are the following: Digital political science, practice and affordance methodologies, the relationship between off-line and online worlds, digital mis- and disinformation.

Read more about SODAS here.